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Post Punk
two people wearing a skeleton mask and a lion mask

Sky Lions “Werewolves”

Watch the music video for the indie post punk track by Sky Lions "Werewolves".
man standing next to a woman

Frenchy and the Punk “Cities In Dust”

Listen to the indie goth pop alternative track by Frenchy and the Punk "Cities In Dust" (Siouxsie and the Banshees cover).
man with fists out and tattoos saying "Stop Hate"

pMad “Sword”

Watch the music video for the indie Gothic Rock, Post-Punk, Indie Rock, Alternative, Rock track by pMad "Sword".
band members standing against a metal building

Stickman “My Genome”

Watch the music video for the indie disco punk track by Stickman "My Genome".
4 male band members next to each other

Diamonds and Guns “So Long, Chicago”

Watch the official music video for the indie punk rock track by Diamonds and Guns "So Long, Chicago".
4 band members wearing face paint

Gypsy Pistoleros “Come On Eileen”

Listen to the indie post-punk track by Gypsy Pistoleros. This is their remake of Dexy's Midnight Runners classic "Come On Eileen".
12 people on exterior stairs

Pink Footage “Stuck”

Watch the official music video for the indie post-punk track by Pink Footage "Stuck".
man and woman standing in front of a blank white wall

Para Lia “C’est La Vie”

Watch the official music video for the indie post-punk track by Para Lia "C'est La Vie".
4 band members standing in front of a grey wall

Octavian Winters “Undertow”

Watch the music video for the indie post-punk track by Octavian Winters "Undertow".
3 male band members standing in front of a brock wall

The Penske File “Bad Dreams”

Watch the music video for the indie punk track by The Penske File "Bad Dreams".
4 male band members standing outside on a sidewalk

American Television “Snakes”

Watch the official music video for the indie punk track by American Television "Snakes".
woman with black eye makeup

Peak Flow “Running To You”

Watch the lyric video for the indie post-punk goth track by Peak Flow "Running To You".
man in the woods with his fists out

pMad “Fury”

Watch the music video for the indie post-punk track by pMad "Fury".
4 band members taking a selfie outside

The Room “Crying Face”

Watch the music video for the indie post punk track by The Room "Crying Face".
2 people singing on stage


Listen to the indie post punk track by FERAL FAMILY "Smother".
man sitting next to a woman

Para Lia “Sunchild”

Listen to the indie rock track by Para Lia "Sunchild".
band playing on stage

Candy Coffins “Another Kiss”

South Carolina-based postpunk outfit Candy Coffins presents ‘Another Kiss’, the latest offering from their ‘Once Do It With Feeling’ album. With Cure-esque textures and melody, thematic elements and the visceral…
5 men standing in front of a black and white wall

Crossed Keys “Vina Park”

We know the last few years have been tough for everyone. It takes a little extra effort just to get out of bed. Recognizing that we’re all in this together,…
4 guys standing in a recording studio

Brutal Youth “Rebuilding Year”

Toronto’s masters of melodic hardcore, Brutal Youth, have just released their anticipated new LP Rebuilding Year (April 21st on Stomp Records) with a video for their title track Rebuilding Year.…
hand holding an apple

Vanderzee “The Coming Day”

A new single from Vanderzee, “The Coming Day” exudes a catchy post-punk sound. “Every night I lie awake and think about the coming day,” the vocals let out with anticipation,…
5 band members standing in a castle

The Bellwether Syndicate

Alternative post-punk outfit The Bellwether Syndicate introduce ‘Golden Age’, the final single from their ‘Vestige & Vigil’ album, out on April 28 via Sett Records in North America and elsewhere via Nexilis Records…
three men and one woman standing in front of a brick wall

The Room “Sleepless”

Liverpool’s The Room presents ‘Sleepless’, a song inspired by the modern-day phenomenon of internet addiction, social media and news junkies. Following lead track ‘The Drift’, this is the latest offering from their ‘Restless…
man standing next to deer antlers mounted on the wall

Big Loser “I’m Rubber, You’re Glue”

What some fans don’t know and may never understand is that most music is made out of necessity—that is, if the musicians don’t write and record their songs, if they…
4 band members sitting in a tunnel


“Black and Yellow” –  is the latest video in a series of collaborations between the God Bombs and LA-based Cinematographer/Director Jason Kaplan. The truth sometimes is best conveyed through music and art,…
4 band members standing in front of a tin wall

PET NEEDS “Ibiza in Winter”

ilmed when the band took a recent out-of-season trip to Ibiza, the new video unfurls as a somewhat desolate tour of the usually buzzing party island. A track about frontman…
man standing in an empty brown room

pMad “Down”

Paul Dillon, known by the name pMad, is a talented solo artist hailing from Portumna, Co. Galway, Ireland. With a musical career that spans over several years, Paul has been…
man and woman standing in front of a white wall

A Cloud of Ravens “Requiem for the Sun”

Alt-rock post-punk duo A Cloud of Ravens present a new veiled calling card for their forthcoming ‘Lost Hymns’ LP, set for release on April 28 via Nexilis Records / Schubert Music Europe. With…
woman with pink hair standing against a wall outside


Pink, punk and perpetually playful, AILSHA sings about the things in life we should all laugh rather than cry about. Former makeup artist turned video games composer, the Wicklow native…
person standing on a box in an empty room

Quarry “Kick The Void Outside”

An elastic rock track with an environmental conscience, “Kick The Void Outside” draws on Quarry’s real world concerns to envisage a vivid narrative of two star crossed lovers caught-up in…
woman standing in a garage

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys “Burning Building”

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys present ‘Burning Building’, the second single from their forthcoming ‘Heaving’ LP, following their first offering ‘Stereoscope’, released at the end of 2022. The full-length album…
man and woman standing next to each other

Frenchy and the Punk “Temple of Sleep”

Watch the music video for the new indie post-pink track by Frenchy and the Punk "Temple of Sleep".
band members standing in stairs in an expensive home


Chicago-based alternative post-punk outfit The Bellwether Syndicate presents ‘Beacons’, the second single from single from the band’s ‘Vestige & Vigil’ album, scheduled for release in April 2023 via Nexilis Records / Schubert Music Europe…
band members sitting in front of a red tarp

LUMER “English Dream”

On the 25th November Hull born four-piece, LUMER return with their brand-new single, ‘English Dream.’ Written as a social commentary from the perspective of lead singer Alex Evans, ‘English Dream’…
band members standing next to each other

The Black Halos “Better Days”

Canada’s legendary punk ‘n’ rollers The Black Halos have just released their anticipated new LP How the Darkness Doubled (November 25th on Stomp Records). How the Darkness doubled is the…
man standing in front of the sunset

Candy Coffins “Tangled Up In Teacups”

Post-punk new romantics Candy Coffins present ‘Tangled Up In Teacups’, a superb single showcasing the third act crescendo of a relationship in a tailspin – the detachment, the anger, the…
two people waiving from a stage

THOMAS TRUAX “Everything’s Going to Be All Right”

American singer-songwriter and inventor THOMAS TRUAX has joined forces with infamous drummer Budgie for “Everything’s Going to Be All Right”. An eerie post-punk track that sees sharp spoken-word vocals, atmospheric…
band sitting in the doorstep of an exterior doorward

Barking Poets “We Will Overcome”

One of Camden’s finest punk rock acts, Barking Poets return with a post covid Anthem to heal the soul. “We Will Overcome” is set for release on Friday December 9th…
bandmembers standing in front of a building outside

QUOR “Twiddle in the Middle”

What is QUOR? Something you should hear. A loud difference of styles and dynamics that follow no rules of the metal/rock/punk genres, but stands as a whole; Rock n Roll.…
band members playing instruments


Chicago-based dark alternative post-punk outfit The Bellwether Syndicate presents the single ‘Dystopian Mirror’, a powerful dark and lush taster of the band’s ‘Vestige & Vigil’ album, which is scheduled for…
band members standing in an abandoned room

Light Grey “Loser”

Light Grey strikes the pop-punk scene yet again with their first single following the 2021 release of their second EP, “Are You Even Real”. The buoyant “Loser”, explains the realization…
man and woman sitting on a couch


NYC-based post-punk duo Frenchy and the Punk presents ‘Come In and Play’, an upbeat Siouxsie-esque delight and the second enchanting single from their forthcoming ‘Zen Ghost’ album. Their seventh long-player…
band members sitting on a co=ynder block wall

Candy Coffins “Seaside Girls”

Post-punk new romantics Candy Coffins present ‘Seaside Girls’, along with a video companion, paying tribute to the playful abandon of youth with a healthy dose of indie rock. This is…
band standing in front of a blue wall

PET NEEDS “Lost Again”

Following the release of their showstopping second album, PET NEEDS have released an incendiary new video for the featured single: “Lost Again”. The full-force opening track of ‘Primetime Entertainment’, ‘Lost…
man standing in the street

DMITRY WILD “Sweetest Thing”

Garage rocker Dmitry Wild is back with the second noise-gaze offering from his new album ‘Electric Souls’. With a huge nod to Jesus and Mary Chain stylistically, ‘Sweetest Thing’ is…
band members sitting on a bench

Celebration Summer “Patience In Presence”

In just two weeks, Celebration Summer will release their A-F Records debut full-length titled Patience in Presence. Today, the band has dropped the final single from the album. “Patience in…
man standing on a dark stage with a ring of fire around him

The Sweet Kill “Darkness”

The Sweet Kill have just announced the release of their debut LP Darkness with their newest video-single by the same name. The Sweet Kill is a one-man post-punk project which…
paiting of a man's face

Vincent Christ “Heart On A Chain”

Combining an individualistic visual style with urgent and immediate songs, London-based artist Vincent Christ is gaining notoriety for feeling-first, irreverent songs informed by new wave, art-rock and post-punk. Although originally…
band members standing outside in front of a brick wall

Weimar “I Smashed The Looking Glass”

Manchester art-rock quartet Weimar present the single ‘I Smashed The Looking Glass’, a surreal upbeat rock number enhanced by psychedelic effects, exploring such themes of identity crisis and the interrelationship…
man pressing his hand against the wall

The God Bombs “Bad Man”

‘”Bad Man” developed from a live drum machine, bass and synth jam. The entire album is a dark existential flow of consciousness. This song is a rumination on being made…
woman wearing makeup

Hazy Shea “Messed Up”

Hazy is a singer / songwriter hailing from Los Angeles with a distinct and expressive post-punk edge. Hazy’s sound and lyrics summon a starry vehemence and cast a dreamy yet…
abstract painting of mans face

Cliché Cult “Plastic World”

Plastic World’ is the fifth single from Leeds brightest young act Cliché Cult. After a very impressive first year as a band, from being played on BBC Introducing and XS…
band performing on stage


With flecks of Patti Smith, Blondie and Belly, Mancunian post-punk group Lucigenic have shared their jubilant and driving new track “Joy”. Combining Lucy Davies compelling vocal delivery with dynamic and…
4band members headshots

Living Room “Petrol Head”

Living Room is a quartet from Brooklyn, NY that is anchored by a decade-long friendship between their members. Influenced by late ’90s and early aught acts, Living Room injects a…

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