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Post PunkShort Cuts Podcast Ep 88SOUND-KHARMA-Podcast Featured Artists

Candy Coffins “Another Kiss”

(Artist Bio) | April 28, 2023

South Carolina-based postpunk outfit Candy Coffins presents ‘Another Kiss’, the latest offering from their ‘Once Do It With Feeling’ album. With Cure-esque textures and melody, thematic elements and the visceral delivery of The Afghan Whigs, this 10-track collection showcases their best work to date, chronicling a relationship from the onset […]

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AlternativePost PunkShort Cuts Podcast Ep 85SOUND-KHARMA-Podcast Featured Artists

The Bellwether Syndicate

(Artist Bio) | April 4, 2023

Alternative post-punk outfit The Bellwether Syndicate introduce ‘Golden Age’, the final single from their ‘Vestige & Vigil’ album, out on April 28 via Sett Records in North America and elsewhere via Nexilis Records /  Schubert Music Europe. With its ethereal atmosphere and haunted vocals, ‘Golden Age’ warns of getting lost in nostalgia at […]

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Fast Track Of The DayPost Punk

The Room “Sleepless”

(Artist Bio) | March 28, 2023

Liverpool’s The Room presents ‘Sleepless’, a song inspired by the modern-day phenomenon of internet addiction, social media and news junkies. Following lead track ‘The Drift’, this is the latest offering from their ‘Restless Fate’ LP, the band’s first new recordings in 38 years.  Producer Mark Jordan has also created accompanying videos for both […]

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Fast Track Of The DayPost Punk


(Artist Bio) | February 20, 2023

“Black and Yellow” –  is the latest video in a series of collaborations between the God Bombs and LA-based Cinematographer/Director Jason Kaplan. The truth sometimes is best conveyed through music and art, both of which this collaboration between God Bombs lead vocalist – Justin Symbol, featured guitarist – Chris Lorraine, and Cinematographer […]

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Fast Track Of The DayPost Punk

Quarry “Kick The Void Outside”

(Artist Bio) | January 25, 2023

An elastic rock track with an environmental conscience, “Kick The Void Outside” draws on Quarry’s real world concerns to envisage a vivid narrative of two star crossed lovers caught-up in a post-apocalyptic dystopia that could yet be… As Quarry explains: “The track is spoken primarily from the perspective of two […]

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Post PunkShort Cuts Podcast Ep 75SOUND-KHARMA-Podcast Featured Artists

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys “Burning Building”

(Artist Bio) | January 23, 2023

Lucy Kruger & The Lost Boys present ‘Burning Building’, the second single from their forthcoming ‘Heaving’ LP, following their first offering ‘Stereoscope’, released at the end of 2022. The full-length album will be released in spring 2023 via Unique Records, a division of Schubert Music Europe. Lucy Kruger & The Lost […]

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Post PunkRockShort Cuts Podcast Ep 69SOUND-KHARMA-Podcast Featured Artists


(Artist Bio) | December 5, 2022

Chicago-based alternative post-punk outfit The Bellwether Syndicate presents ‘Beacons’, the second single from single from the band’s ‘Vestige & Vigil’ album, scheduled for release in April 2023 via Nexilis Records / Schubert Music Europe and Sett Records in North America. The single debuted at #4 in the DAC/German Alternative Charts. ‘Beacons’ exerts its nautical feel in […]

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Post PunkSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

LUMER “English Dream”

(Artist Bio) | December 5, 2022

On the 25th November Hull born four-piece, LUMER return with their brand-new single, ‘English Dream.’ Written as a social commentary from the perspective of lead singer Alex Evans, ‘English Dream’ uses sleazy and harsh guitar sounds from guitarist Ben Jackson blended with the pumping bassline of Ben Morrod as a […]

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Fast Track Of The DayPost Punk

The Black Halos “Better Days”

(Artist Bio) | November 29, 2022

Canada’s legendary punk ‘n’ rollers The Black Halos have just released their anticipated new LP How the Darkness Doubled (November 25th on Stomp Records). How the Darkness doubled is the unofficial follow-up album to The Black Halos’ acclaimed 2001 release, The Violent Years. Original songwriting team Billy Hopeless, Rich Jones […]

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Post PunkSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

THOMAS TRUAX “Everything’s Going to Be All Right”

(Artist Bio) | November 21, 2022

American singer-songwriter and inventor THOMAS TRUAX has joined forces with infamous drummer Budgie for “Everything’s Going to Be All Right”. An eerie post-punk track that sees sharp spoken-word vocals, atmospheric guitar wobbles and reverb-drenched tremolo descend towards a catchy chorus that sees Truax bear his upbeat rock’n’roll teeth, “Everything’s Going […]

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Fast Track Of The DayPost Punk

Light Grey “Loser”

(Artist Bio) | October 18, 2022

Light Grey strikes the pop-punk scene yet again with their first single following the 2021 release of their second EP, “Are You Even Real”. The buoyant “Loser”, explains the realization of the songwriting principles of previously released singles, while the band candidly speaks about the evolution of how their new […]

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Post PunkSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

PET NEEDS “Lost Again”

(Artist Bio) | October 3, 2022

Following the release of their showstopping second album, PET NEEDS have released an incendiary new video for the featured single: “Lost Again”. The full-force opening track of ‘Primetime Entertainment’, ‘Lost Again’ sets an electrifying pace from the get-go. Explaining why it was always first in line for their new album, […]

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Post PunkSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops

Vincent Christ “Heart On A Chain”

(Artist Bio) | August 25, 2022

Combining an individualistic visual style with urgent and immediate songs, London-based artist Vincent Christ is gaining notoriety for feeling-first, irreverent songs informed by new wave, art-rock and post-punk. Although originally involved in hip-hop production, Vincent gravitated to working with instruments and playing, arranging and recording himself, developing sharp and shimmering […]

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Post PunkSOUND KHARMA New Music Drops


(Artist Bio) | May 2, 2022

With flecks of Patti Smith, Blondie and Belly, Mancunian post-punk group Lucigenic have shared their jubilant and driving new track “Joy”. Combining Lucy Davies compelling vocal delivery with dynamic and jangling alt-rock melodies and capacious choruses, “Joy” finds a hypnotic middle-ground between the gritty, overcast punk of earlier single “Still […]

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