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two people standing in the dark
Short CutsShort Cuts Podcast Ep 69

The Cope “End of Time”

(Artist Bio) | December 7, 2022

Dublin/Berlin based electronic duo The Cope (David Anthony Curley & Joe Furlong) release their self-titled EP with latest single “End of Time”. The track is a meditation on the doubt that can form in the most intimate of relationships, and the accompanying music video is the final in a trilogy […]

drawing of a man sitting on a planet
Short CutsShort Cuts Podcast Ep 69

Robert Grace “Not Ok”

(Artist Bio) | December 6, 2022

Building on his 100+ million views on TikTok from his myriad of 2.3 million followers, Robert Grace is back with highly anticipated new single “Not OK”- the clip of which has already amassed over 2 million views on the platform. Who needs medicine when you have music? In all seriousness, many […]

band members standing in stairs in an expensive home
Short CutsShort Cuts Podcast Ep 69


(Artist Bio) | December 5, 2022

Chicago-based alternative post-punk outfit The Bellwether Syndicate presents ‘Beacons’, the second single from single from the band’s ‘Vestige & Vigil’ album, scheduled for release in April 2023 via Nexilis Records / Schubert Music Europe and Sett Records in North America. The single debuted at #4 in the DAC/German Alternative Charts. ‘Beacons’ exerts its nautical feel in […]

3 women sitting around a small cafe style table
Short CutsShort Cuts Podcast Ep 68

People of Maha “Heaven”

(Artist Bio) | November 30, 2022

People of Maha, is an all-female Bulgarian/Brazilian Indie Rock band from Sofia, Bulgaria. With Alex on drums, Bia on vocals and Mila on guitar, the band was formed in 2018 after the women met during charity concerts. Their unique brand of entertainment fuses funky beats, melodic guitars, classical elements and […]

man sitting in a chair
Short CutsShort Cuts Podcast Ep 67


(Artist Bio) | November 25, 2022

Rising London alt-pop artist – Le Junk – releases his rich and reflective new single: “Some Monkeys”.  Upping the ante with his slick and seductive blend of sleazy disco-rock and glitzy electronica, “Some Monkeys” glints like a jagged shard of a cracked glitterball left abandoned under hazy lights. With arresting […]

band members standing next to each other hugging
Short CutsShort Cuts Podcast Ep 67

Gramercy Arms “Yesterday’s Girl”

(Artist Bio) | November 24, 2022

NYC-based indie rock / powerpop outfit Gramercy Arms presents their Americana-tinged single ‘Yesterday’s Girl’, a bittersweet remembrance of love lost and friendship regained. This is the first taste of their ‘Deleted Scene’ album, scheduled for release via Montclair, NJ-based Magic Door Record Label in early 2023, Co-written by Gramercy Arms frontman Dave Derby […]

artist rendering of a man falling from a UFO
Short CutsShort Cuts Podcast Ep 67

Worldwide Panic “Falling Apart”

(Artist Bio) | November 21, 2022

Worldwide panic has toured and shared the stage with Mushroomhead, Flaw, The Convalescence, Gemini Syndrome, Crazy Town, and Smile Empty Soul to name a few!  Fans of Rammstein, Disturbed, and Rob Zombie will not be disappointed!    WorldWide Panic is sponsored by Schecter Guitars, EMG Pickups, Coffin Cases, Dirtbag Clothing, and […]

headshot of a man in front of a red wall
Short CutsShort Cuts Podcast Ep 66

Rob Munk “Youth”

(Artist Bio) | November 17, 2022

American indie rocker Rob Munk presents his new single ‘Youth’, the latest taster of his ‘Phased Out’ LP, which it out on November 18 via Montclair-based Magic Door Label, a grassroots imprint founded by Guided by Voices’ Kevin March, together with producer Ray Ketchem and artist-vocalist Renée LoBue. Following earlier […]

artist rendering of outter space with floating people and forks
Short CutsShort Cuts Podcast Ep 66

ADE “Ambivert”

(Artist Bio) | November 16, 2022

New York City singer-songwriter and producer ADE has released his cosmic new EP ‘Junk In Orbit’, along with spacey focus track “Ambivert”. Like a lone shooting star slicing through a bewildering and boundless night sky, “Ambivert” sees Ade cut through the noise of our online age with an expert alloy […]

womain sitting on the floor in a dark empty room
Short CutsShort Cuts Podcast Ep 65

Maïa Barouh “RINGO”

(Artist Bio) | November 11, 2022

“AIDA” is the new album by Maïa Barouh. Aida means “between” in Japanese: between France and Japan, between the mainland and the islands, between the ancient and the modern. The character for the word is 間, a sun caught between two doors and it also means “silence”. Written, arranged, and […]

man and woman sitting next to each other
Short CutsShort Cuts Podcast Ep 64

Black Market Karma “The Sky Was All Diseased” (with Tess Parks)

(Artist Bio) | November 2, 2022

UK-based Black Market Karma and iconic vocalist Tess Parks present ‘The Sky Was All Diseased’, an international collaboration rooted in friendship and spontaneity. This is the first taste of the band’s eleventh full-length album ‘Friends In Noise’, which will be released in mid-January via London boutique label Flower Power Records. […]

two girls standing in front of a graphitied wall
Short CutsShort Cuts Podcast Ep 64

The Pearl Harts “MORE”

(Artist Bio) | November 2, 2022

Today, riled-up rock duo THE PEARL HARTS are back with a bang with new single “More”, taken from their forthcoming second album ‘Love, Chaos’ due early next year. A playful rock track laced with a satirical twist, “More” arrives as the first new music from The Pearl Harts since their […]

band members sitting in fron tof a graphitied wall
Short CutsShort Cuts Podcast Ep 64

The Cards I Play “Take My Hand”

(Artist Bio) | November 2, 2022

Being the fourth single off the band’s previously released debut full-length album “Retrograde” (after the outstanding and critically-acclaimed “Run”, “Shades Of Gray” and “When The Suns Collide”), Japanese alternative act The Cards I Play now unleashes the energizing “Take My Hand”! Accompanied by a visual (including a combination of red […]

Man sitting on a chair on an outisde porch
Short CutsShort Cuts Podcast Ep 64

SICKY “A Bite Without A Mark”

(Artist Bio) | October 31, 2022

British alternative artist SICKY presents the single ‘A Bite Without A Mark’, a fun whimsical slice of his thickly layered sophomore album ‘Garbage Town’, following up earlier singles ‘Garbage Town’ and ‘The Bridge’. SICKY is the solo project of Mick Butler, his brand of melodic Britpop-infused indie rock spells good […]

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