6th CROWD “Самозванцы (Samozvantsiy)”
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Sixth crowd is the solo project of Dari Maksymova. She’s an electronic producer and singer based in the Ukraine.

She used to be in post-punk band On The Wane.

Starting out as a kid it wasn’t always about the music. She was really obsessed with dance. She wanted to become a choreographer. She even took part in a dance and music program in Germany in 2018. \

And that’s when things started to shift. She started to get interest in The rhythms and the beats of the music. Not necessarily the dance part, but the beats and the rhythms.

She took an intensive course in electronic music production. She views the dance floor as a place to escape and be someone that we’re not.

She says quote:

“I think part of it has something to do with the idea of putting on a costume and getting to be someone other than who you are and maybe being someone better or stronger or more capable. We want to see and do amazing things. That got me thinking about how we kind of do that in our own lives anyway. Except it’s the other way around…the opposite.We put on a costume that makes us seem like we’re less than who we are in our own day-to-day life. We’re putting on this costume of a person who has to worry about their job about the bills about being respectable about being an adult.”

Her music gives you a chance to let go and be somebody that you actually are on the inside without putting up that wall of defense.

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