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A PRIMITIVE EVOLUTION is an alternative rock band based in Toronto.

This is a band that appreciates the art of music and all it involves. We’ll start with the “outside” of their music…The part you see before you even hear a single note. Many artists take a band photo and use that for the album cover. A Primitive Evolution shows an appreciation for the lost profession of album art.

Their latest album, “Becoming”, does not have a standard stock photo of the band. It is a bit of an intricate artistic showpiece. It resembles the kind of album cover that was as big of an artistic expression as the music itself. Early rock album covers said something.

Once you see the album cover you’ll understand what we mean. It sets the tone for the music inside. And that ‘music inside’ has a lot to say.

A.P.E. is not just a band that is trying to make as much noise as possible. They have a purpose. They take inspiration from the old saying that ‘change is the only constant’. But life is so much deeper than that.

The band’s singer, Brett Carruthers explains

“Creation is evolution…that’s what I figure we’re trying to say with A Primitive Evolution. As evolved as we think we are as humans or animals, we are very much at the beginning of the evolution of mankind. We have so much to learn and yet so much has changed in the last hundred years. We have a long way to go as a species. We want our band to reflect that too, showing our raw emotions, doing it out of instinct and evolving naturally; not overthinking, just having some fun existing on this planet.”

In other words, we (as a species) is primitive and raw, yet evolving, growing and changing at the same time. By that perspective, even the band’s name has deep meaning. Nothing this band does is by accident. Everything has a purpose and should not be underestimated.

This is the title track from their album, which is available for download now.

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