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ALDER LIGHTS is an alternative pop/rock band from Billings, Montana. They have a really cool story about how they released their debut album and played their first headline show at the release party.

They started out by going through some lineup changes within the group. Like with any type of new startup (from a business to a band) they had to figure out how to work with the other members and everything that comes with it. There can be personality and creative differences in a new band. Those have to be worked thru. They did.

Then, just as the band’s debut album was released they added a new member to the band. They had their debut album release party in their hometown. To sell tickets to the event, they did something that was almost unheard of and very grass-roots. They made lists of people they knew from social media and privately messaged them, asking if they would like to buy tickets to the show. They would deliver the tickets, by hand, to peoples’ home, office or at bars.

That is a lot of work and very “old school”. But very cool.

And it paid off!

They say that release party was the night they crossed over from their music being a hobby to a passion. After that they played a bunch of shows, working out their live stage performance. They did all this work while still holding regular day jobs to pay the bills.

Working a full time job and trying to dedicate full time to their passion and their life’s calling is extremely difficult. But they knew they had to put in the work. They should be commended for that. There are very few people who have that level of passion. Many people drop out and give up on their dreams because it is very difficult.

But the members of Alder Lights have proven the positive outcome that can result from laser-focused dedication. They are anything but lazy. And they deserve all the success they have coming to them. This is the first song from their brand new album ‘Darkest Cameo’, which won’t be released until November 8. This track is available for download now.

Check out this song and other “new music discovery” tracks on the SOUND KHARMA “Song Spotlight” Podcast – Episode 51.


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