ALICE HUBBLE ” Kick The Habit”
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ALICE HUBBLE is the indie pop project of Alice Hubley, who is (quote) “one lady locked at home with a vast collection of synthesizers!”

This track was sent to us as a submission.

Sometimes, in the music business, they say “it takes 10 years to become an overnight success”. Artists work and work and work to try to get someone’s attention. Then they seemingly “pop up” out of nowhere.

Fans don’t always realize how hard and how long an artist has to work to get to that “pop up out of nowhere” point.

There is a lot of work that is behind all that. They didn’t just start playing a keyboard or pick up a guitar and they were an instant success. That rarely ever happens.

However, this track is from Alice’s first album. And it’s already getting attention from music fans and commentators around the world. She has had airplay on BBC6. Her first song (from this album) was named “Single Of The Year (So Far)”. This is her second track off the debut album.

She says:

“The lyrics were inspired by Black Narcissus, the 1940’s psychological drama about the emotional tensions of jealousy and lust within a convent of nuns living in the Himalayas. With the lyrics I wanted to portray aspects of the journey central character Sister Ruth goes through in rejecting the sisterhood and embracing her sexuality”.

The entire album was just released in September and it is available for download now.

Hear this song and 30 other new releases in our “Song Spotlight” new music discovery podcast (episode 54).




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