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Alice Triskel is an electro-pop composer/singer-songwriter from Barcelona.

She took singing lessons when she was 14. She’s a super talented singer who can do a ton of different things. She’s experimented with all different styles of music like Soul, Opera, Rock, Gospel and Pop.

Some artists know right off the bat what type of music they’re interested in. But she really explored all these different genres. She took the time to find her own place in music. And until she found that place it was a real struggle.

To find where she fit in she says:

“I didn’t just feel that little emptiness that we felt the great majority until a year ago. I saw it. What I needed was to make my own music, send my message – my experiences. I’ve always been quite lonely and music became my friend my companion. And I would very much like my music to wake up in people what other artists managed to awaken in me.”

Not only did she find her place in music, but she’s using her gifts as a singer-songwriter to help people who may be feeling lonely and a little bit lost…searching for where they fit in life as well.

She’s had several tracks out already. She’s been doing is launching individual songs throughout 2019. All these tracks will eventually end up on one album, she says. This track is available for download now.

Discover this song and others in our new music discovery podcast “Song Spotlight” ep. 58.




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