AUDRA “Tired Friends”
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AUDRA is an alternative rock band. They are releasing their first tracks in 10 years.

They formed in 1991. The core of the band is two brothers, Bart and Bret Helm. They are originally from Chicago.

This entire album is an unexpected explosion of past “come-to-life” material. They only intended to record a 4-song EP. However, sometimes fate steps in and our greatest plans get thrown out the window. They found an unfinished song called “Wish No Harm” on a demo tape they laid down in 1993.

Inspiration hit and they finished the track. That is on the new album. The entire project expanded from 4 tracks to a full 10-song album called “Dear Tired Friends”.

Their sound is a collection of musical influences from their entire lives. And it is a wide array of sounds.

Bret says:

“Our music is informed by all of the bands that we grew up with – the stark landscapes of post-punk mixed with the tribal grandeur of early Jane’s Addiction and the poetic eclecticism of Lou Reed’s Velvet Underground. Audra’s sound and aesthetic have also been influenced by Joy Division, David Bowie, U2, James and Tom Waits.”.

The album was just released and it is available for download now.

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