AUTOPILOT “Living Dead”
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AUTOPILOT is an alternative rock band from Canada.

This is not a band that plays a few gigs and takes a bunch of time off, then plays a few more gigs, then takes some more time off. Autopilot has been playing virtually nonstop for the last several years. In fact, Canadian Musician Magazine calls them “quite possibly one of the hardest working bands in the country”.

It is hard for many bands to walk the line between making truly creative music and selling out for popularity’s-sake. One of the things people love about this band is that they have successfully balanced the two.

They create amazing indie music without selling out. They have remained true to the band’s core values, as well as remained true to their fans. Consistently giving them what they want and what they expect.

But that hasn’t come easy. The band has been thru it’s fair share of drama. Some of it pretty serious.

After their first release they were getting quite a bit of buzz. They were gaining success. But then the band’s architect, Marlon Harder, was hit with an unexpected illness and things came to a screeching halt for the foreseeable future.

But he kept writing in anticipation that one day the band would resume. Eventually, his health improved. But the drama continued. The band went back to square one when they went thru a lineup change.

Then things turned around (for the better). Their next album was created out of struggles combined with faith and personality growth. It was a tumultuous time. That is oftentimes when great music is created. The album was a big turnaround for the band. Their fan base grew at a tremendous rate. And they continue to grow.

They just released a zombie-inspired video for this track, which is on their album “Afterglow”, which is available for download now.

Discover this track 30 other new songs in our “Song Spotlight” podcast – Episode 55.




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