BERG “What If”
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BERG is an amazing Swedish/American singer/songwriter who is based in London.

She grew up on a houseboat. When she was 5 years old she started taking piano lessons. It wasn’t just a casual learning experience. Her lessons were rather strict. She was under the guidance and supervision of a Romanian concert pianist.

Berg quickly started to become a child prodigy. She was performing shows throughout Stockholm by the time she was 13. She was also studying to join a piano conservatory.

It wasn’t just her amazing piano playing that was getting attention. When we say that she was becoming a child prodigy, we mean that very seriously because she was also being scouted by several producers for her vocal talents.

But then things took a sharp left turn. She had a tragedy in her family and she walked away from music.

But then, like with many truly talented musicians, she found that songwriting was a form of therapy, which helped her deal with the issues she was going thru. Berg quickly realized that in order for “songwriting therapy” to be effective she had to be real.

She says:

“I tend to only show my light to others. I hide my flaws, mistakes and falls, then beat myself up about it. Maybe by exposing some of those truths, I can stop others from feeling so alone in their darkness.”

A tragedy that seemed like a curse became a blessing in disguise. It helped her open up and take her songwriting to a whole new level. There is a video out for this song. She funded the visual aspect of this project herself by starting a Kickstarter campaign. This song is available on Spotify.

Check out this song and other “new music discovery” tracks on the SOUND KHARMA “Song Spotlight” Podcast – Episode 51.


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