BORA YORK “Colorado”
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BORA YORK is a husband/wife duo (Chris and Rebekah Bartels) from Minneapolis with angelic voices and impeccable harmonies.

They have already had their music featured on ABC, NBC, CBS, MTV and USA Network. They have also had music featured on tv shows like “Mr. Robot”, “The Middle” and “Criminal Minds”.

And if that wasn’t enough, you have probably heard their music from ad campaigns for companies like Target, Subaru, KIA, Buick and Facebook. The duo started in school as a senior project for Chris. But it has gone much farther than that. They have become a full-fledged synch-pop duo.

It took Chris and Rebekah four and a half years to write this album. And it was a difficult journey – Not a smooth process at all. He found himself in a very familiar place as many songwriters. He was in (what seemed like) an eternal songwriting funk. That can be very scary because creativity cannot be forced or faked. A songwriter either has it or they don’t. The really scary part is that creativity cannot be controlled or manipulated. It cannot be turned on or off. It “just happens”.

When a songwriter is in that funk, as it continues, the fear of never getting it back can set in and regulate their entire existence, self-confidence and self-worth. Thoughts enter your mind like “what if my songwriting career is over? Is this the end of the journey?” Then he had a ground-breaking revolation: He had to step back and release his fate. Release the urge to control it. Once he did that, it all came flooding back.

As for this track, Chris says:

“I spent a year in Denver when I was 20 and it still feels like a second home, even though it’s been a while since I lived there. I’m personifying Colorado in this song – it’s a metaphor for letting go of worry, living life to the fullest. [The line] “Now I’m breathing in slow motion” – this is about not letting meaningful moments pass you by without cherishing them, soaking them in.”.

This track was just released and it is available for download now.

Check out this song and other “new music discovery” tracks on the SOUND KHARMA “Song Spotlight” Podcast – Episode 51.


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