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BRENDON MOON is an amazing singer/songwriter with soothing tones and comforting lyrics. His music is both sensitive and powerful at the same time. His voice resonates a calming effect on your spirit.

Brendon has spent a lot of time perfecting his craft of songwriting and performing. He worked on the songs on this album for quite some time. When he thought they were finally ready, he got a band together to perform them live. After gathering a number of other musicians he was able to further develop the sound and style of the tracks.

When they debuted the songs in 2017, he recognized the magic that his music could become. He had the urgent calling to get the songs onto an official album. It is very possible that his music is so infectious to so many people because of the open-ended nature of his songwriting.

Brendon believes that every song means something different to everybody. He believes that the very essence of a song (the feeling, emotion and subject) are what change from person to person. That is a higher level of thinking. But Brendon understands that our differences…our individual experiences…are what unite us all. That is reflected in his songwriting, which might be why his music is so universally calming.

It may also have something to do with the ambience of the studio when they recorded the album. To begin, they only had four days to track the entire album. So they put in some very long days…Almost 12 hours. The room, itself, may have played a role, as well. The studio they were recording in was filled with lots of natural light, which can be a very comforting setting. The calming warmth of the natural sun, and the soothing energy that it brings, was captured on each track on this album.

You’ll feel what we mean when you hear his music, which was just released in February. This song is on his self-titled debut album, which is available for download now.

Be sure to connect with Brendon thru his website, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM SOUNDLCOUD, SPOTIFY and BANDCAMP.

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