CALICO JAY: All of the Lights

CALICO JAY is a singer, rapper and producer based in New York City.

He is a diversified artist who can portray a smooth R&B/Soul singer, while able to deliver a fast, steady rap lyric virtually simultaneously, without losing an ounce of emotion.

He used his time living on the streets of NY to hone his craft. Ten years ago you could find him as “one” with the cold, twenty degree city pavement as emotions from his warm heart flooded to his laptop thu his frozen fingers.

An hour later you might find him seeking shelter from a brutal February blizzard at Grand Central Station.

All the while, escaping life on the lonely streets of the Big Apple by disappearing into the world he was creating thru his songwriting. To keep warm and keep his body moving, he would often move to a subway car for the rest of the night.

Then, repeat.

If you want to hear songs from a man who has truly lived life “the hard way”, you’ve found the guy. Within a short ten years, Calico Jay has overcome some of the most inconceivable obstacles to become a very well-respected name in music. He now occupies a penthouse high above the streets he once called home.

Although, since he now lives many stories above the concrete that was once his bed, his feet remain firmly on the ground. He has never forgotten where he started. The goals he has achieved are truly miraculous. His ambition is nothing short of inspiring. Some people say the most generous people are the ones who have overcome the most. Calico Jay is one of those people.

On cold nights, he still goes out and helps care for the “forgotten ones” who are living on the street. He lends a hand to those who depend on immediate assistance to survive another night. Then he goes home and writes more music.

You can hear the emotion and kindness in his lyrics. His generosity comes thru in his music. Calico Jay is a reminder that people still care. This song is from his EP called “Purple Rain and Yellow Gold”. It is available for download now.

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