CRAYMO “Take It Slow” (Gotta Say Hey)”
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CRAYMO is a pop artist born in upstate New York, near the Canadian border.

His birth name is Craig Stephen Raymo. While he was working as a DJ at a radio station in upstate NY he was given the nickname “Craymo”.

He started out singing by imitating artists he used to listen to as a young boy. That’s what many artists do, whether they admit it or not. But then he started to branch out on his own and discover the music that would shape his own style. Craig fell in love with music so much, he was involved with music groups on as many levels as possible.

He started taking alto sax lessons when he was in third grade. He played in the Junior and Senior High bands. He also played in the school Jazz Rock group. He also sang in the school choir for several years. He fell in love with performing in front of people and seeing the satisfaction it brought to the audience.

Craig even did something that most musicians cannot say they’ve done…He joined a local vaudeville group. He was in community theater and drama. When he was a high school senior he started getting interested in DJing. He got a job spinning tunes.

His love for being around music expanded from there.

He started working at a local radio station. He loved that so much majored in Broadcasting with a minor in Drama at NY’s Fredonia State University. He eventually went on to even bigger things…Moving to LA and landing acting roles on General Hospital and Days Of Our Lives.

He has written hundreds of songs and joined several groups. But he realized his destiny was to be a solo artist. (In all reality, Craymo has so much talent on so many levels that being in band would probably just hold him back. People with this much talent need to be able to sore on their own).

His songwriting talents have been recognized, as a finalist or semifinalist in songwriting competitions including the Hollywood Spiritual Film Festival, UK Songwriting Competition, Pacific Songwriting Competition and more. He has music licensed for various films and games like The X-Games on ESPN.

His talents don’t ever seem to end. This track was just released a few weeks ago and it is available now.

Be sure to check out this song and other new music discovery tracks in the SOUND KHARMA “Song Spotlight” Podcast Episode 50.


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