CROWDER: I Know A Ghost

CROWDER is a Christian-based rock group with really cool beats!

Their goal is not to “preach”. Getting the word out has been their mission since Day One.

“Singer/guitarist David Crowder first stepped into the music industry when he realized that over half of the students at Baylor University, a Christian school that he attended in Waco, Texas, were not going to church. He began to actively recruit students for worship services and started writing songs to draw more young people in. He eventually started releasing the songs, leading to his debut album, 2002’s Can You Hear Us? The album was released under the name the David Crowder Band, as Crowder was joined by guitarists Jack Parker and Jason Solley, drummer Jeremy Bush, bassist Mike Dodson, and electric violinist Mike Hogan.” – Apple Music bio

The world needs more bands like Crowder. They inspire and provide a roadmap to kindness and understanding of one another.


There’s still neon in these pains

There’s still an echo in these veins

It’s the past and I’ve been haunted by

The things I thought I wanted,

I Never should have wandered,

I Let the devil get the best of me

When, oh, my God’s paid a debt for me


Now to turn this house into a home

Is the only thing that rattles bones

He went to hell and back to leave us His own

Now I know a Ghost


I know a Ghost


There’s still darkness on this plane

There’s still a heavy in these chains

Why I carry them around I don’t know cause I’ve been found

Veil was torn from top down

Now I know a Ghost


I know a Ghost

“I Know A Ghost” is on the album of the same name. It was released 11/9/18 and available for download now.

You can connect with Crowder thru their website, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and SPOTIFY.

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