DAR.RA “Diamonds N In The Shadows”

DAR.RA is a songwriter, producer and author who creates his own brand of unique rock music.

Anyone who is not a songwriter may not realize how difficult it is to write songs that don’t sound like other songs. There are only so many notes and so many ways they can be arranged. So it is extremely difficult when considering just that.

But on top of the notes and the melody, how does a songwriter create a new “sound”…A new style or genre? That question is enough to make it almost impossible to write a truly unique song.

So many times, music fans and analysts will compare an artist’s sound to another band. You know…”This band sounds like…(fill in the blank)”.

But Dar.Ra is 100% unique in his music style. So…The question remains: ‘How does he do it?’

He told us:

“I get bored easily. So I jump around a bit to find new sounds. Move from one vibe to the next.”

Dar.Ra’s music is not only completely different from anything else, sonically, but his music comes with a message. About the song “Diamonds N The Shadows” he told us:

“Diamonds is about not holding yourself back in life because someone said you weren’t good enough to cut it. It’s about letting the diamond inside your soul shine like a beacon. Coming out of the Shadows”.

That is something that sooo many people can relate to. In our ‘everyday lives’ we don’t always have a support team of people to encourage us and reassure us that we are all talented in our own way. We all have something to contribute. We all have opinions, thoughts and feelings…And they all matter.

His music is changing lives in a positive, fun, upbeat way.

Dar.Ra is making anthems that should be performed in nothing less than stadiums.

This track is on his latest album, ‘New Kinda Normal’. There are a few different mixes of this song on the album, and it is available for download now.

Check out this song and other “new music discovery” tracks on the SOUND KHARMA “Song Spotlight” Podcast – Episode 51.


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