DAVID SHANE: Shooting Star ft. Demari Thompson
by on June 22, 2018 in

David Shane is a pop singer who has worked with the same producer responsible for Just Bieber’s “Purpose”.

In other words…Dude is legit!

2018 is going to be a BIG year for him! He has multi-level talent:

Shane, who sings and plays all the instruments on his latest releases, is known for the breadth and depth of his songwriting that covers many different moods and emotions, which resonate with Pop Music fans of all ages. With recent collaborations with Taylor Sparks and Billboard Top 40 Charting Artists VESSBROZ and Jaki Nelson, David is on the path to becoming the next big thing in Pop Music in 2018.- Official Bio

Fans are already diggin’ the new stuff:

  • “David Shane is fantastic in this video. Can’t wait to see more from him.” – Howard Langley
  • “good sound” – RPD Darkrai
  • “Awesome song man, really nice. got a great vibe to it. I got you man.” – Ali Jacko

‘Shooting Star’ is available for download now. Be sure to connect with David thru his website, TWITTER, FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.

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