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Devilskin is a rock band from Hamilton New Zealand.

This is one of those rock bands that has a lot of force in part because their vocalist is a female. When many people think about rock bands they view them as being big and strong and powerful with strong male vocals. It’s really something special when you have a powerful female on vocals.

Lead vocalist, Jennie Skulander, can go from a whisper to a full-throttle scream without missing a beat or losing an ounce of passion. Her intense range is seamless, which is fascinating.

The band, itself, has really perfected the art of songwriting and they’ve done some really cool stuff. They’ve had a chance to tour with people like Halestorm, Motley Crue and Disturbed. Imagine being in a band and you get to go out on the road with these guys. It’s not only cool and exciting but imagine being able to study how bands tour…Things to do while on the road. Things not to do. What makes a great tour. What are some good touring habits.

The new album is called ‘RED’ . They took their time with it. They say:

The songs each have so much life and we felt a real duty to do them justice. There are some really personal and very real moments on this album. We absolutely did not hold back, there are songs about struggle, depression, suicide and loss and there are songs about strength, hope, victory and love. We demoed almost 30 songs for this album so we had a lot of work to do to narrow the list down. One of last songs we wrote, it almost missed the cut too, but the throat punch we call Do You See Birds opens the album and sets the tone on a real rollercoaster of a ride. We felt it was especially important to give the listener a total immersive experience from start to finish. There’s lots of mood, colour and texture in the songs as well as between them. It’s a trip.

They demo’d almost 30 songs for this album. So they have a lot of material to choose from. I’m guessing they already have enough songs for released another album (or maybe more).

The album is going to be released on Friday April 3rd. They’re going to release it physically on a CD, plus on an LP and a limited edition deluxe box set. So the kind of going new school with old school.




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