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Ebony Buckle is an alternative singer-songwriter originally from Townsville, Australia. However, she’s now based in London.

Her parents encouraged her to get into music and get into show business and performance and things like that. She studied singing, violin and piano.

And on top of that she got a degree in opera singing. She performed in West End plays as well as a BBC drama. So she’s done a lot of stuff.

Someone with the talent of Ebony Buckle could easily join other bands. She has chosen, intentionally, to stay as a solo artist.

She says quote:

“I Am naturally shy person and sometimes find it hard to be myself in front of other people but music has really helped me connect to my true self. I feel like the song  I write come straight from my brain and they are a true expression of who I am.”

When you’re in a band, sometimes you can’t always do that because you have to act a certain way, have to write certain types of song, cover certain topics or not cover certain topics to please the other people in the band.

Being a solo artist lets her be her entire self. Her authenticity shines through. There’s nobody else that she has to please. So what you see in her music and her performance is her to a core.

Her debut song, “The Mermaids Said No” is a really fun track about a disgruntled mermaid. I’m guessing she probably wouldn’t be able to write a song like that if she was in a band. But it’s really really cool.

This new track is called “Susan”. It’s dedicated to her imaginary best friend and her alter ego, ‘Susan the Raptor’. She says “Susan was born one night after too much Prosecco and the name just stuck. She is the carefree risk-taking, sometimes reckless side of me. I think we’re all made up of many different personalities and I just decided to name one of mine. Mostly we wanted to make a really joyful track. That would make some people smile.

And it does.

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