FORCES “Stay On Me”
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FORCES is an indie pop dance group from Canada, made up of Jessica and Dave.

This is not their first time playing together. They were both in an earlier band called The Golden Dogs. They played with other bands and had other musicians in the group. It was a magical time.

They say:

“All of these musicians cut their teeth playing in the Golden Dogs and continue to achieve great musical heights. We’re pretty proud of that. We drove thousands of kilometres together, laughed a mil­lion laughs, and played some of the most intense, glorious shows of our careers. To this day, these people are still our musical family.”

In 2017, they ended up back in the studio working on some new music. But this time was very different. The music was different. The vibe had changed. They found themselves experimenting with beats and grooves. A grand departure from their previous sounds. Jessica found herself singing on more tracks, which was also a stray from their earlier music. Dave was experimenting with guitar textures and different riffs. Electronic loops were thrown into the mix. They say this new track was written with a purpose. It “reminds us to turn away from mind games in favour of focusing on what matters most in our lives, what­ever that may mean.”.

This track is brand new and it is available for download now.

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