GILAD “Farewell”
by on February 3, 2020 in

GIlad is a singer-songwriter based in Israel.

This is one of these guys who has musical talent running through the family line. His mother was born in Dublin, Ireland. She was a concert pianist. So he gets a lot of his natural instincts from that side of the family. Gilad studied classical piano when he was five years old.  That’s tough to do when you’re 15 or 25.  He also learned how to play guitar by ear.

He started out as part of a cover band in the 90s. Many bands start out covering songs. It helps bands explore and find their sound.  They start out by mimicking other bands and other sounds and try to recreate that. Then they’ll take that and kind of tweak it to make it their own.

Gilad has had the opportunity to do a lot of different things in his career He’s written three musicals. He also received a personal thank-you letter from US President Barack Obama for his work.

He was even in the Army for a bit. When he got out he enrolled in Tel Aviv University. That’s when a professor wanted him to write music for four voices. But at that time, he didn’t really understand music theory. So the solution was to study music theory.

He eventually started a rock band. He played for fun for several years, working regular daytime employment and playing gigs at night.

Not only is he talented, musically, but he is super intelligent, as well. He earned a second degree in political science.

This track is available for download now.




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