HALLAM LONDON “Run For Your Life”
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HALLAM LONDON is a pop singer/songwriter who travels between his hometown of Dresden, Germany and Northern England.

His latest album has running theme throughout all the tracks. He and his songwriting collaborator, Ian Badcoe, drew on themes of gender, mental health, modern city life and their love of science fiction. The two have a very interesting and random story of how they met.

Hallam was on a poetry forum website in the UK looking for potential songwriting partners. He discovered so much more. He found a songwriting partner as well as a new deep friendship. Hallam is a unique person, in that he doesn’t try to take all the credit for their songs.

He says Ian’s lyrics have (quote) “intelligent profoundness, witty sense of humour, and sonorous language stand out clearly against the usual pop monotony”. However, London’s songwriting should not go under-credited.

He says, for his part, he drew inspiration from William Shakepeare’s sonnets. He has somehow managed to transform several-hundred-year-old poems into electro-pop tracks. In fact, he put out several transformed sonnets that are available for download. It’s quite fascinating.

Hallam London is a songwriting prodigy.

He is not just a songwriter, he is a true composer.

He has set the standard pretty high for himself. We think he’ll have no problem meeting the challenge, going forward. This track was just released last month. It is available for download now.

Hear this track and others on the ‘Song Spotlight’ podcast episode 40.

Be sure to connect with Hallam thru his website, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, SOUNDCLOUD and SPOTIFY.

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