HOOKED LIKE HELEN is an alt-pop duo who have had songs featured in some very impressive places.

MTV used a track in a docu-series called “Unlocking The Truth”. Hooked Like Helen also had a song used in a promo video for the TV show ‘Nashville’.

This duo makes their music their way. They have made music in their home recording studio, about 40 miles outside Cleveland.

Nikki & John Stipp used to make their way around the LA music scene, playing places along the Sunset Strip and the Hollywood area…The Roxy, Bootleg Theatre, Hotel Cafe. Making a long story short, they left the LA area a few weeks after the birth of their son in 2013.

But they never stopped making music.

“No Turning Back” is from their upcoming EP ‘Tragedy Of Physics’, which will be released May 17th. This track, tho, is available for download now. It was just released last Friday.

Be sure to connect with Hooked Like Helen thru their website, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, SOUNDLCOUD, and SPOTIFY.

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