HUNGER “Light It Up”
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HUNGER is an alternative pop-rock band from Vienna, Austria that has already gotten major attention, worldwide.

Their music has been featured on the soundtrack to Netflix’s “13 Reasons Why” as well as several television and web-based commercials.They have also just signed a collaboration deal with fashion brand BOOKER NYC. They are also working with Coca Cola.

Band members Daniel, Johannes and Lucas had been friends since childhood.

They had each been in other bands. But when they dissolved, the three friends decided to come together as a songwriting trio in 2015. They had simple goals. All they wanted to do was write songs. They had no desire to tour or play live anymore. However when music is in your blood you have no control over its ambitions. The appetite to play live again was thriving in their deepest souls.

Hunger is a band that can do things that other bands have never even dreamed of. Here is how they sum up their new song. They said:

[it] is about adventures, moments and memories we’ve experienced and still want to experience in our lives. It’s an anthem for going out and to live and experience life and its freedoms. We wrote and recorded the song in a little hut in the Austrian alps. The ‘gospel choir’ halfway through the song was recorded in a tiny kitchen and is basically just the three of us and our producer singing in hundreds of tracks.”

This track was just released on July 5th and it is available for download now.

You can hear this song and others in the SOUND KHARMA new music discovery podcast “Song Spotlight” episode 45.

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