HYPERGEAR: Greyzones (2nd Zone)

HYPERGEAR is an amazing Italien rock trio.

They have a number of recognizable influences that have helped shape their sound. But we’re not going to mention any of them because their sound is totally unique. It is almost impossible to pluck different aspects of their musical heroes out of their music.

They have a little of everything.

This band truly bridges the gap between rock and indie rock. At times, they have very “clean” guitars, similar to what you might hear from a band like Coldplay. At other times, they incorporate more “fuzzy grit” into their sound. Just when you get used to that type of musical character they throw a curve ball and have more of an electronic eighties-like sound. Then, they’ll take a hard left and you’ll think you’re listening to a hard core band like Metallica. Then it’s back to a lighter indie vibe.

They are able to project a variety of sounds…All within 3 and a half minute song. It’s fascinating how they pull that off without sounding stupid. They are nothing short of musical geniuses!

HYPERGEAR is one of those rare bands that cannot be pigeonholed into a specific category. To have the tight chemistry that you hear in this band is amazing. Especially when you consider how many drastic changes the band has been thru. At one point in 2016, the band was stripped down to only their founder.

This band may not even be aware of how broad their talent really is. But, trust me…We are fully aware of how special this band is. This is a song you’re going to want to download and listen to several times over and over to get the full impact of their talent. This track was just released on March 14. It is available for download now.

Be sure to connect with HYPERGEAR thru their website, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and SPOTIFY.

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