INANNA “Nebulou”

INANNA is and indie pop/singer-songwriter duo who DM’d us on Twitter with this track.

The pair consists of guitarist Hank Dorsey and vocalist Hannah Stewart. Their initial relationship was a bit turbulent. They spent several years as friends, then ignoring each other.

But once they finally committed they were committed for good. Most people do not have the courage to walk away from their day-to-day comfortable lives to “jump” and pursue their dreams.

But Hank and Hannah recognized they had a higher calling. They had that tingle deep-down in their souls that they were meant to travel down a different path.

The journey started when they were both studying at UC Santa Barbara. They just started making music together last year.

Here is where destiny’s calling took over.

After creating music together for a very short time, they both quit their jobs and went on a cross-country trip together. That expediction served as a creative breakthrough. It was the inspiration they didn’t know they needed. Hannah ended up writing more than 30 songs on that trek. That’s an incredible amount of creativity in a very short amount of time. In fact, it’s almost unheard of.

But when a songwriter gets flooded with that much creativity, you take advantage of every note.

Six of those songs will go on their debut EP called ‘What Is Living Above The Light’. After travelling all over the country, the duo have settled on California’s central coast as home base.

Hank’s ethereal touch combined with Hannah’s education in music theory has helped shape Inanna’s unique sound. Their debut album is scheduled to be released on May 3rd.

But they released this track early. It is available for download now.


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