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JASMINE CAIN is an alternative pop/rock artist from Nashville. She is originally from Sturgis, SD. But she moved to Nashville in 2003.

She has won more than 30 awards including Female Rock Vocalist, Artist Of The Year, Alt Rock Band Of The Year, and a ton more.

You would think that with this much musical talent focused on rock, she was always interested in the format. That’s not so. Growing up in Sturgis, she was raised on horses and loved country music. But, as with everything in life, things changed.

She discovered rock music and her talent for it.

Some artists are more meticulous with their music talent and growth. Some study it to truly understand the “whats”, “whys” and “hows” of music. Others, like Jasmine, just attack music with a fierce intensity. Her live shows are extremely high-energy.

In fact, Easyrider Magazine calls Jasmine Cain “Pixie With An Axe”.

Her music is a reflection of her personality. She doesn’t take any crap from anyone, and she will not be pushed around. She is in complete control of her own life and her own music. And she tells amazing stories, too.

On her website she has a blog called “Stories From The Road”. One story is called ‘Snow Tire Fairy’ where she writes about being on tour when something terrible happened.

It starts out “It was a snowy two week trip to South Dakota”. She goes on to say:

“Right around the corner in the middle of freaking nowhere we hear “Blam!”. A tire completely exploded. I pulled over on what seemed like the safest place to be and got out to check the damage. The boys stayed in the truck to keep warm…The wind was cutting through my skin as though I wasn’t even wearing a coat…[The tire] was completely shredded…I opened the side door to get the jack and spare…We left both of those things in one of the guy’s truck bed when we left Nashville.”.

You’ll have to read it to see how it ends. It’s a great story. They all are. The new album “Seven” is expected to be released this month. But this track is available for download now.

Hear this song and 30 other new releases in our “Song Spotlight” new music discovery podcast (episode 54).




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