JDXL “Lowkey”
by on October 16, 2019 in

JDXL is a SUPER talented composer, keyboardist and DJ.

He is only in his early twenties, but he already boasts talent on a “veteran” level. He is not “just another mixer”. JDXL is a musical prodigy! He started playing piano at age 9.

But he has been a professional pianist since he was 15 years old. Not just a kid who “tinkles on the keys”. No…We mean he was a SUPER talented player before he was old enough to drive a car! His talents just get better from there! He writes, records and mixes his own tracks.

His instincts are spot-on. When an artist has to hone their craft on their own, it is impressive. But when they have a support system that recognizes exceptional talent at an early age and helps encourage that growth, the possibilities are endless!

When JDXL was a young kid, he was “composing” songs in his head. His mom taught him how to how to get his compositions out of his head and onto his keyboard. She taught him how to play by ear.

Knowing his life’s purpose, he took a leap of faith and invested in himself. He bought a 4-track tape recorder with his own money and started recording his own tracks. JDXL has an envious amount of natural, raw talent.

And he didn’t take any of it for granted. He and his mom recognized the power of his musical skills and decided to channel and nurture his talents. They incorporated musical theory into his educational curriculum. He took advantage of private piano lessons from a professional pianist.

He won first place in a state competition and third place nationally. Starting when he was 16 years old, his parents have helped him upgrade to better equipment.

JDXL is on the fast-track to becoming a worldwide EDM/Electronic superstar. This track is on his brand new album, which was just released on September 20. And it is available for download now.

(As a side note, the beginning of this video features an audio clip from one of our SOUND KHARMA “Song Spotlight” podcasts that featured an earlier track from JDXL. We thought that was pretty cool and we appreciate that).

This is his brand new track and it is available for download now.

Here this song and other new music releases on the SOUND KHARMA “Song Spotlight” Podcast (Episode 52).


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