JERRY PAPER: Everything Borrowed
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Jerry Paper (Lucas W. Nathan) is an alternative artist from Los Angeles.

He has a sound that draws you in – And holds you prisoner. You can’t stop listening. If you’re anything like us, you’ll play this several times over and over.

We’re not the only one’s that dig his sound…

  • “Wonderful” – Mateus Lopes
  • “Oh jerrry…. sweet jerry” – James Nigra
  • “Never would have thought that in 2018 there would be an album that has a perfect streak of songs this album honestly deserves an award with how well these songs were produced!” – Hollow Thrills

Jerry is on tour this fall (2018) with stops in Philadelphia, DC, Raleigh, Atlanta, Tucson and San Diego (among others). Then he heads to the UK with shows in Leeds, Glasgow, Manchester, Bristol and London. Followed by Paris and Brussels (February, 2019). This is a show you’re going to want to see. Check his complete schedule for cities near you.

“Everything Borrowed” is on Jerry’s album ‘Like A Baby’ (released 10/12/18). It is available for download now.

Connect with Jerry Paper thru his website, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and SOUNDCLOUD.

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