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JOHANNA KUVAJA is a singer, songwriter and music teacher from Finland.

She has music in her bones. It’s in her DNA. It is part of her past, present and future. Johanna is a musical prodigy.

It started when she was just 6 years old. That’s when she started taking piano lessons. When she was 10, she was part of an ensemble that won the Finnish Championship 3 years in a row. (The only reason they didn’t win a 4th was because they were not allowed to enter).

She won other awards, as well, like songwriting competitions and the Eurovision Song Contest. To make a long story short, she studied radio, tv performance and music. She learned to play the violin.

Her natural vocal talent is off the charts as well. She can hit 3 octaves! Johanna was collaborating with other well-known, established, well respected artists. She was touring. With that much talent, it’s difficult to imagine someone like her doing anything other than music. But she did.

Things took a turn.

Music took a bit of a backseat to being a mom. She earned her Masters in Education and spent time teaching music. Johanna has also overcome tremendous health issues from mold toxicity in her apartment. She had a string of bad luck that would have sent most people to the sidelines of life. At one point she lost her home and her belongings. She had also lost her voice and eyesight for a short time. She was diagnosed with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and suffered tremors, and memory issues.

That’s a lot to battle against. Many people would lose hope and give up. Johanna is an inspiration to keep fighting for yourself and your dreams.

Miraculously, she overcame all of these obstacles. This is her brand new song, and it is available for download now.

Hear this song and 30 other new releases in our “Song Spotlight” new music discovery podcast (episode 54).


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