JORDANA LILLY “Twisted Game”

JORDANA LILLY is an amazing soulful singer who virtually defines straight up jazz. Her voice is full of emotion, passion, heartache and hope.

She was born in California and is one of those rare talent who enjoys performance of all kinds. Her passion for performance started when she was very young. Since childhood, her life-long “career” has been an incredible journey.

The musical side of her odyssey began when she took piano lessons. Then she added the element of performance on top of the music by getting involved in musical theater.

Many people don’t find their true ambition until later in life. Jordana was lucky. She found her calling at a young age. She discovered how much she loved music and the art of performance and enrolled at Chapman University and graduated with a BFA in Theater Performance.

Jordana is the type of person who is like a sponge…Soaking up every experience life has to offer. Not only is she an amazing singer, but she is also an accomplished actor, songwriter, producer and visual artist. Jordana Lilly has a well-diversified arsenal of talent in an array of many different areas.

She is the real deal. And she can do it all.

If it has anything to do with the arts, she is a master at it. Her new album is the kind that you’ll want to put on repeat and let it roll over and over and over. Every song on her latest collection will make you appreciate all life has to offer. It is infectious.

We put this song and a new track called “Howl” on our “Top Picks” Spotify playlist. When the rest of the album is available, you’ll want to download it and soak up every note. The album, as a whole, should be released on May 1st. But this track is available for download now.

Be sure to connect with Jordana thru her website, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, and SPOTIFY.

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