KIDSØ “Sparkle”
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KIDSØ is what some call a “live electro duo” based in Munich.

Friends since they were kids, Moritz Grassinger and Martin Schneider, have been experimenting with electronic music since the beginning. They don’t just crank out beats and funky sounds. That’s just the foundation.

They build on their beat foundation with layers of synths, piano, strings, cello and viola. We might describe their music as “Orchestral EDM”.

They create most of their music in their home. That’s when you know musicians are dedicated to the craft. Creativity can be lost when an artist has to delay the process until they can book studio time at another location. Having their studio in their home lets them to stay in-the-moment and take advantage of the vibe in real time.

About this new track, they say:

“We see ‘Sparkle’ like a rollercoaster between a drifting bass and drum lines, and fragile vocals and piano elements. This contradiction is what makes the track so unique for us and why we chose this track as the very first single of our album.”

Their live set is an amazing thing to see. It is full of drums, guitars, laptops and keyboards. Tons and tons of keyboards. KIDSØ creates true musical “art”.

This track was just released and it is available for download now.

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