Kings Avail: Chapter One
by on April 6, 2017 in

Kings Avail is an unsigned hard rock/alt band from Nashville. There is so much sound coming from this band, it’s hard to believe there are only 3 members.

Crisp vocals. Clean guitars. Solid drums.

We don’t know why they are not signed. These guys are fantastic!

They have only been together as a band since 2016. So they are a relatively young band. Remember the name ‘Kings Avail‘. They are going to be one of the biggest names in rock music within a few years. If they sound this good on stage they will be playing stadiums soon. New bands will be begging to open concerts for Kings Avail.

Connect with them on their website, TWITTER and FACEBOOK. (They don’t Tweet much, but they should – Hopefully soon). They are more active on Facebook. This song is available for download from their EP ‘Kings Avail’.

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