KISS KISS BANG “Hearts On Fire”
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KISS KISS BANG is a hard rock band from western Kentucky.

We’ve been big fans of this band since we first heard “The Story Of My LIfe”. However, since that song, the band has gone through drastic growth.

They did a complete renovation in 2018. The sound of the band is a little different. So is the energy and soul of the band. There are so many layers of talent within this band, it’s crazy.

Every note of every instrument (including vocals) is hit with intent and purpose. Every member of this band knows what they are going to do before they do it. That may sound a little weird. But you know how sometimes you hear a band and it kinda sounds like the members are doing their own thing…Almost like each member of the band is on their own separate course that crosses paths with the other members from time-to-time.

That feeling of unity is not always there. They are missing that magical element.

With Kiss Kiss Bang, not only can you hear that they are all working together, but you can feel it in their music. It’s as though each band member is there to support the others. They are all working as one, with the same musical goals. They truly work in harmony.

Speaking of harmony, their vocals work so well together. You might even say that Kiss Kiss Bang is the modern, new millennial, “heavy” version of the Eagles. Their vocal harmonies, their musicianship, their songwriting are all at a level that makeup an exceptional band. This is the title cut from their ‘Hearts On Fire’ EP, which was just released a few weeks ago, and it is available for download now.

Be sure to check out this song and others in our “Song Spotlight” podcast (episode 43).

You can connect with Kiss Kiss Bang thru TWITTER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and SPOTIFY.

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