KITZL “Wizard Girls”
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KITZL is a producer and composer from Canada.

She started writing music when she was only 15 years old. Some artists take up to several years to “find their sound”.

But Kitzl was on it from the start. She was instantly drawn to the ambient side of electronic/pop music. But she put her own twist on it. She started creating her own sounds. She uses sounds you would never associate with musical creations, like gates, pottery, branches, coyotes, frogs, crickets and birds. Then she layers her own haunting amazing vocals on top all that.

But when you listen to her music don’t try to pick out these sounds.

She doesn’t just plop them into her tracks. She works with them. She massages them. She manipulates the sounds and twists them into musical compositions. She slows them down, reverses them and distorts them. And a few are used in their natural state.

So you probably won’t be able to identify them as specific sounds.

That’s what makes Kitzl such a musical genius! She can hear non-musical elements in her mind and has the vision to manipulate them into a living, breathing layer of her music.

So where does she get her inspiration for her music? About this song she says

“When I made this song I was under pressure to write something new for a really creative, awesome fashion show I had just been asked to perform at. I had been fighting with a different piece all that week and then a couple of days before the show I scrapped that one and began ‘Wizard Girls’ instead. I frantically produced and performed it with a lot of placeholder lyrics. It was heavily inspired by the models and designs in the show. I thought we looked like magical alien queens and ambassadors from a Star Trek-meets-Rayman cartoon or something.”

This song is on her latest album “40 Moons That We Know Of”. It is available for download now.

You can hear this song and others in the SOUND KHARMA new music discovery podcast “Song Spotlight” episode 45.

Be sure to connect with Kitzl thru TWITTER, INSTAGRAM and SPOTIFY.

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