LAUREL: Adored
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Laurel is a powerful alternative singer, songwriter, producer from Southampton (UK).

She has a really cool, almost grass-roots story…

“Following high school, she studied business and music performance in Portsmouth for two years, during which time she started posting her songs online. In early 2013, she uploaded the home-recorded electro-pop demo “Blue Blood,” which was discovered and shared by various music blogs.” – Official Apple Music bio

She just released her latest album, which is AMAZING!!!!

  • “Ready for album of the year xx” – Kai Graham
  • “Ommy this is a bad ass songs xx i wasn’t prepared for this ! 🔥” – jessica labelle
  • “Right when I though I could not get more excited for the album, she surprises us with this insane track! I have not heard an artist as unique and talented as Laurel in a very long time. Love her <3” – dettigerblood
  • “I love you with all my heart. Thanks for your music and for making me happy” – Andrea MR
  • “Wow. The originality and diversity that she displays through her work is absolutely incredible. Out of this world. I want her to get popular but I also want her to be our little precious secret.” – Sarah Abdellatif

(BTW…Laurel is already “getting popular”. You cannot reckon with a force like this. That voice!)

“Adored” is on her album ‘DOGVIOLET’ (released 8/24/18) and is available for download.

Be sure to connect with her thru her website, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM and SOUNDCLOUD.

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