LEX AUDREY is not a person. They’re a “they”. They are an electronic/rock band from Vienna.

This band has a very unique sound that, in some ways, reminds us of what made pop music from the eighties so great! They took the best parts and added a “current twist” to it.

There are two specific things about this band that makes them so incredible.

First, is that they make their music their way. This album was self-produced, composed and mixed! That’s a very bold move, especially for such a new band. But they know who they are and they knew the kind of album they wanted to make.

And that’s exactly what they did. It’s amazing!

Each of the band members started playing instruments at a very early age. That has given each of them the time they needed to explore the music. It let them experiment with ‘song and sound’.

They’ve made their way around Austria’s music scene for a couple years.  And that’s the other thing that makes this band so special.  After such a short time together, they are already becoming a major player in the music industry.

For many bands, it takes time to develop their sound and get their groove. It takes time to get that special “thing” that makes a band work in harmony with all it’s members. Lex Audrey has that magic element. They are the real deal.

They have worked hard and it shows.

“Winter II” is on their new, debut album ‘No Intention Of Changing The World’. They did put out an EP in 2017. But this is their first full-length album. It was just released on 2/8/19 and is available for download now.

Be sure to connect with Lex Audrey thru their website, TWITTER, FACEBOOK, INSTAGRAM, SOUNDCLOUD and SPOTIFY.

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