LUCERO: For The Lonely Ones

LUCERO is a bitchin’ gritty alternative band from Memphis, TN.

It is a band full of surprises (in a good way)! When you first hear this song, you’d never expect that within a minute you’ll be hearing horns. That doesn’t happen in alternative music. Errrrr, if it does, it usually sucks.

Lucero is a very rare “Oh, Wow“” band. They get that “Oh, damn…That’s cool!” reaction from people who have never heard their music before:

  • “Wow. Just wow” – Julzdam
  • “Wanna see these guys once, come to Canada lol” – kingjulian GamingHD
  • “Screw Canada come to rapid city” – SGA 811
  • “You’ve done it again, cheers boys!” – Christian Holloway
  • “Great band that’s fantastic live. Great songwriter in the lead singer. Guys a genius” – Shawn Pistey

This is a must-see band this year. They are on a big-ass tour this summer/fall (2018) with stops in: Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Lubbock, Dallas, Atlanta, Nashville, Tampa, Charleston, Chicago, Detroit, Columbus, Brooklyn and many more. Check their complete tour schedule for a stop near you.

“For The Lonely Ones” is on their album ‘Among The Ghosts’ (released 8/3/18). It is available for download now.

Be sure to connect with Lucero thru their website, TWITTER, FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.


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