MARCO DeLISO “Round & Round”
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Marco DeLiso is an indie pop alternative artist. He’s based in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

He’s a multi-instrumentalist. He’s a recording engineer.

His parents urged him to pursue music when he was only five years old. When you’re five, you can’t always comprehend planning a career and a future for your own life. You’re too young.

Kids don’t always realize their interests. but observing parents do. They saw what he was interested in. So they pushed him into pursuing music. He was drawn to the piano. He started singing. He eventually learned to improvise vocal harmonies.

Marco started up a duo and they put out a couple albums.

But now he’s doing his own solo project. Being on his own allows him the freedom to make the music he wants to make. His music has a message and it’s intentional.

He says:

“For me, it’s such a valuable tool for processing my life and maintaining self-awareness. The music is inspired by my personal belief that a balanced life is the happiest, most fulfilling healthiest life. This balance is my personal solution to the problem of being a creative individual in a society that makes it difficult for someone to live off of their art.”

He’s been working on a four-song EP called “Balance”. It should be out sometime in early 2020. However, the song is available for download now.

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