MAROC “Punch Drunk Rich Kid”
by on June 23, 2019 in

MAROC is an alternative rap duo from Copenhagen. Sometimes artists try to create (or force) an artistic spark that just isn’t there…creatively.

However, a true magical collaboration is tough to find. When it happens, you can feel it in the music. It really is something special. That’s the case with Maroc.

The whole thing started early in life. Indie pop-rock songwriter, Lewis Parker, and hip-hop producer, Anton Bentzon met in high school. Personally, they both hit it off. So they decided to go into the studio and see if they had the same chemistry as artists.

As it turns out, they did. There was a natural artistic electricity between them. They spent about a year experimenting with beats and sounds to create their own unique signature style that includes distorted guitars, heavy bass lines, hip-hop drums and synths and other intricate layers.

This track is from their self-titled debut EP that was just released in April. It is available for download now.

Hear this track and others on ‘Song Spotlight’ podcast episode 40.

Be sure to connect with Maroc thru FACEBOOK , INSTAGRAM and SPOTIFY.

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