MIKE BEECH “Running”
by on January 16, 2020 in

Mike Beach is a singer-songwriter who is exploring his musical side.

He has an educational background in math, which you might think has nothing to do with music and generally it doesn’t in fact on his Facebook page he says “I do maths and I sing“.

He learned to play the classical guitar when he was eight years old. Classical guitar is really really hard and to be able to do that when you’re 8 is insane. He says it may be the result of the fact that he watched School of Rock a few too many times that inspired him to learn electric guitar.

He taught himself. If you’re playing classical guitar when you’re eight, it’s almost organic to teach yourself electric guitar a few years later. He was asked to be the singer in University of Warwick Big Band. That’s what he learned about performing. He started writing nd then he really started expanding and spreading his wings.

He ended up putting together a full EP. And we’re happy to say this is the first song from that EP.

Discover this song and others in our new music discovery podcast “Song Spotlight” ep. 58.




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