Momus: The Fisher King

Momus is the incredible artistic vision of one man…

“…Nick Currie, a Scottish-born singer, songwriter, and provocateur whose music careened from acoustic ballads to electro-pop to acid house and back again. Born in 1960, Currie spent time living in Greece and Canada before returning to Scotland to attend university; in 1981, he dropped out of school to form the Happy Family, a band additionally comprising three prior members of Josef K. After signing to the 4AD label, the group recorded only one LP, 1982’s The Man on Your Street, before disbanding.

After returning to (and graduating from) university, Currie moved to London in 1984. He cut a deal with el Records and released Circus Maximus in 1986, the first offering released under the Momus name (chosen in honor of a Greek god banished from Mount Olympus for daring to criticize the wisdom of Zeus). The album spotlighted Currie’s rich baritone and fascination with themes of psychosexuality and cultural crises, recurring motifs throughout his extensive catalog of work.” – Apple Music bio

Fans who get it, really “get it”:

  • “Waking up sick is no good, but waking up sick to new Momus makes it much more bearable. Thank you kindly sir.” – Daniel Rhodes
  • “That bizarre solo in the middle is fantastic, I love the way is dissonantly surfs over the swelling chords, really fantastic!” – Alan Waller
  • “This is my new favourite song.” – ElectrOlivia

“The Fisher King” is on the new album ‘Pantaloon’ (released 10/5/18). It is available for download now.

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