MOODY LITTLE SISTER “711 Lucky Street”
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MOODY LITTLE SISTER is a duo originally from Portland, Oregon, but now call New Mexico home.

The change of scenery did wonders for their souls and their music. They often say a creator’s environment shapes the creator’s creations. As it turns out, that was true for Naomi Sparrow and Rob Stroup. A change of venue took their songwriting in a whole new direction.

Naomi says:

“My new love for the desert is also coupled with my new love for the guitar. All these tunes are guitar songs, instead of the power piano tunes we’ve always written in the past. There is also a stronger sense of definition; we have finally landed on our sound after almost a decade of making music together.”

You can hear it in their music…You can feel it in the vibe…They are not out to prove anything to anyone. They are not trying to force “hits” that might sell well.

Moody Little Sister is an honest duo writing honest music. The desert Southwest has not only affected their music…It has affected how they make their music.

They say:

“We self-produced this record in our new desert studio, and we played many of the parts ourselves. Being in rural New Mexico, we had to pull from our own talents, as well as from people in our hometown, and people who were on tour, or passing through. We were lucky enough to have pop-in sessions from Flagship Romance, Skybound Blue, Ordinary Elephant, and our friends who play with Maria the Mexican. We also had Bob Dunham [guitar, bass] on the record, because I never want to make a record without him. The results are an energetic kinship that comes through on the tracks.”

This song is on their brand new album ‘Big Mama Sunshine’, which is available for download now.

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