Movements: Deadly Dull
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3/22/18: Movements is an alt rock/electronic band from California. 😥 This is about the sad decline Alzheimer’s has on the body.

Check out the lyrics to this song. “What’s it like to be erased every time you fall asleep. Waking up is a clean slate without a sense of reality.” That’s heavy!

You may want to listen to this a couple times.

It will bring you to tears! 😥

This is a very unique band with a unique sound and a unique story:

“Music and emotion share a timeless physiological, psychological, and spiritual bond. A chord, a melody, or a lyric can lift spirits and inspire. Movements achieve that sort of reaction on their full-length debut, Feel Something [Fearless Records]. Threading together spacey guitars, evocative and introspective lyricism, ponderous spoken word, and tight songcraft, the Southern California quartet—Patrick Miranda [vocals], Ira George [guitar], Spencer York [drums], and Austin Cressey [bass]—immediately connect by opening up. That musical empathy quietly launched Movements on an upward trajectory in 2015…” – Facebook

Their music is available for download on iTunes.

Movements has a massive headlining tour in 2018. They’ll be on the road with Can’t Swim, Super Whatever and Gleemer. You’ll have plenty of chances to see them live because they have a ton of dates around the world: Brooklyn, Baltimore, Philadelphia, Richmond, Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta,  Houston, Dallas, Austin, Leicester (UK), Manchester (UK), Brighton (UK), London (UK), Hamburg (Germany), Berlin (Germany), Belgium, San Diego, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Denver, Nashville, Toronto, Cincinnati, Charlotte, West Palm Beach, Australia, and a ton more. Get the complete schedule HERE.

Be sure to connect with Movement thru their website, TWITTER, FACEBOOK and INSTA.

This is the story of a man that I know

A man with heart of gold

But a body becoming weak

And a mind that let him go

This is a story of a man and his wife

And how she died of that same disease

How he stayed with after her spirit left

But he won’t remember her death

It’s a deadly dull

Like a sword stuck in it’s sheath

A mind once sharp and full

Now clouded and diseased

What’s it like to be erased

Every time you fall asleep?

Waking up as a clean slate

Without a sense of reality

And will I end up the same way,

When I grow old and turn to gray?

As time leaves me behind to fade away

This is the story of a man that I know

He knows my face, but he doesn’t know me

Pretends he does every time we meet

And puts his questions on repeat

Like “Are you staying out of trouble?” “What’s the plan?” “Can we go see G-Ma down the street?” “When I saw her last, she didn’t say much of anything” “If I were there think how much better it would be”

They break the news a few times a week

Every time it’s followed by the same thing

He sits outside and keeps quiet for a while,

Then forgets and goes to sleep

Life with a heavy soul

Death by a deadly dull

Will that be me eventually?


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