Neck Deep: Parachute

Neck Deep is a rock/alt rock band from Wrexham, North Wales(UK). They are a super tight band. Neck Deep are musician’s musicians – Unless you are a musician, you may not be able to fully appreciate how this band works in harmony. Regardless, fans LOVE their sound.

They’ve been together since 2012.

This band is bitchin! 🤘

“Parachute” is on their latest album ‘The Peace and The Panic’, which is available for download HERE.

We’re super pumped to see these guys live this year (2018) with stops in Europe (Germany, Italy) and the United States (Lubbock, Oklahoma City, Louisville, Cleveland, San Diego). Then they head to Australia for a few dates at the end of November/beginning of December. Get their complete tour schedule HERE.

Be sure to connect with Neck Deep thru their website, TWITTER, FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.

It’s another day, wanna get away from here There’s a plane out on a runway, Gonna run away from here. Cuz the rain is so terribly dull, And it bores me, Misery adores me. I wanna break out and get away. I wanna just try and live for me. Cuz if we don’t try then we won’t believe that we could’ve had it. I wanna let go and fall for you, And when it gets rough be your parachute I wanna do the things that you only read about, Are you ready? I’m done with small town politics, I need to make my way to where the action is. I’m done with it, so the question is – are you coming with? Cuz’ baby if you like I’ll take you there, Imagine all the places we could go to disappear. Or we can turn the light off and go back to bed, Stare at the stars on your ceiling and pretend that we’re somewhere else. We don’t need a God to take a leap of faith; Listen when I say, That if we don’t try, then we won’t believe.

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