NICOLAAS “Real Escape”
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NICOLAAS is an electronic “synthwave funk” producer from Canada. He was also one half of the rap duo Phocus, in the early 2000’s.

His music, especially this new track, takes you on a musical journey. “Real Escape” starts out with a 70’s funk flare. Then, when the vocals kick in, the beats change, synths are added, and it gives the track a whole new feel. It gives listeners that “Oh, wow!” reaction.

This is a track he was working on before he even had established a name for the project (NICOLAAS). He says:

“I had worked on a few ideas with other writers and producers prior to Real Escape, but this was my first real ‘solo’ NICOLAAS track. The vocals were written and recorded to a different demo I had started writing, but when they came back I had a whole new vision for it. I wanted to explore a blend of styles on this one – funk, house and hip hop particularly, and this collaboration made that possible. It all came together naturally, and I’m very pleased with the result!”

NICOLAAS is not afraid to explore new sounds. Some songwriters get in a groove and don’t really expand their horizons. They get comfortable with formulas that seem to work for them. And that’s fine.

If a songwriter finds what fans like, and they are happy with it, more power to them. But for NICOLAAS, that’s not enough.

He is constantly pushing the boundaries. He’s not afraid to experiment. He tests the creative waters of genres he had previously ignored in his writing.

Anytime anyone in life tears down walls and takes a risk (even at the risk of failure) they open themselves up to new worlds. New possibilities. New horizons. That applies to anything in life. Especially songwriters and producers. The possibilities for new music and new sounds are virtually endless. You just have to be open to exploring them, regardless of the uncertainty that goes along with the unknown.

That is how NICOLAAS and his music stand out from others. Musically, he goes out and finds new worlds. This is his latest track. It is available for download now.

Be sure to check out this song and others in our “Song Spotlight” podcast (episode 43).

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