NIGHT HIKES “Belltown”
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NIGHT HIKES is a super talented alternative duo that has some interesting stories to tell.

For one, they got kicked out of a chapel at the University of Notre Dame for filming a music video instead of praying. (Apparently you can’t do that).

The two members are a perfect balance. Olivia Godby is the story teller. Mathew Farrell has an ear for melodies and production.

In 2016, they finished school and dove into music. They rented a house and wrote and recorded their first album. Then they packed their stuff and moved to Seattle. They thought that would help them refine their songwriting. They were probably right. If you’re going to thrive as an alternative band, there’s no better place to be than Seattle.

When recording an album, many bands will tell you one of the most important things is where the tracks were recorded. The atmosphere makes a difference. The acoustics make a difference.

You’d think after that little incident in the chapel at Notre Dame, they’d be hesitant to record in that type of setting again. But they did. They recorded their album in an old Catholic church. (They had permission this time).

That covers the studio part of Night Hikes. But that’s just half the story.

Olivia and Mathew are virtually interchangeable on stage. They trade on-and-off on lead vocals. Then they do this other cool thing…They switch instruments in the middle of a set. Don’t ever assume that what you see is what you get with with Night Hikes, because it’s not. Give it a minute…What you see now may not be what you see next.

That’s what makes this band awesome. (Well…it’s ONE of the things). This is a brand new track from Night Hikes. It is available for download.

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