PANAVISCOPE “Breathing In Reverse”
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PANAVISCOPE is a one-man pop act from Geneva, Switzerland.

Alex Diloz is one of those musicians with so much individual talent, he might explode. He sings. He plays all his own instruments.

Alex was starting his music career before many of us were old enough to ride a bike. He was writing songs on the family’s piano when he was 6. Everyone I know wasn’t doing anything even close to that. That’s a lot of creativity at such a young age.

I hate to “yada yada yada” over years of growth or downplay his talent, but he eventually went on to study music at the California Institute Of The Arts in LA. When Alex writes music, he doesn’t just slap something down and call it a day. He packs a LOT into his songs.

About this song he says:

“In three minutes, you travel from electro to classic 70s rock, in a very smooth journey. I’m happy with the aesthetic of this song. The result is extremely cinematic. At the end of the song, you should wonder ‘What the hell just happened to me?’ In this song, I talk about going back to the forest. I explore a romantic vision of nature. A parenthesis.”.

Alex’s creativity is so complex. That’s what sets his music apart from everyone else. That’s part of what makes him so special…(aside from the fact that he writes all his own music, sings his own songs and plays all his own instruments). He almost has too much talent to fathom in one person.

This track is available for download or streaming now.

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