Perri Jones “Free”
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PERRI JONES is an R&B/Soul singer who has been blessed with one of the smoothest voices you’ll ever hear!

\She is a singer, songwriter, actress and model born in NYC but raised in Houston, Texas. Her musical calling started to take hold when she was very young. When she was 8 year sold, she joined her school ensemble playing the xylophone, drums, recorder and piano.

That, alone, is pretty ambitious!

Then she got into public speaking. When she was only 11 years old she won first place in the Luther King Oratorical Competition. Peri thought this was her life’s calling.

She toured the country as a public speaker. However, she began to get the feeling there was something else waiting for her in the wings. She began to realize her passion for music and performance.

From that moment, Perri Jones was on a trajectory that could not be stopped. She has been honing and perfecting her sound and style.

She is 21 now and just starting her soon-to-be-legendary musical career. It’s not the lyrics of her music that will move you. It is the precision and emotion in every note of her vocals. Perri Jones has a rare kind of voice that affects people’s mood, without any words.

Just the tone of her voice, alone, has the power to extract emotions of affection, despair, sadness, grief, love, hope, passion, remorse, sympathy, empathy, kindness and forgiveness. You’ll hear what we mean as soon as you hear the first note of this track. It is available for download now.

You can hear this song and others in our new music discovery podcast “Song Spotlight” (ep 44).

Be sure to connect with Perri thru her website, TWITTER, INSTAGRAM and SPOTIFY.

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