Petal: Magic Gone

Petal is an alternative singer with a SUPER powerful, yet delicate voice. When she sings, every note is filled with emotion.

There are limited lyrics to this song, but that’s all it needs. This is a song that says more in 93 words, than many songs say with 6 or 7 verses.

‘Magic Gone’ is a song where you can almost hear the words before the first one is sung. The music, itself, weeps.

It is the title cut from the album, which was just released on June 15, 2018, and is available for download NOW.

She is touring this summer (2018) and stopping in cities like: Cleveland, Chicago, Denver, Seattle, Portland, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, DC, NYC and more. Then she heads to Germany in late October and UK in November. This is a MUST-SEE show this year. Check the complete tour schedule to find a location near you.

Be sure to connect with Petal thru her website, TWITTER FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM.


And I swear to god

if you touch me one more time

You know the spot, between my hairline and my spine

And I swear to god

if you give a compliment I’ll take this shot and hope I forget

That I don’t even know where you’re at

And I can’t remember the last time i held you

And I can’t remember the last time I Pulled off the table cloth and every dish stayed in place

The magic gone, and that solemn look upon your face that says, “we’re finally growing up.”

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